Monday, July 26, 2004

Sign Here, Please...

Today, we sign with a landscape contractor. Work is to commence approximately 10 days later. I'll try to post some photos when we break ground.

If things go well, I might even tell ya which company did the work. ;-)

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Garden Shop Echium

Not a great shot, but it shows the incredible echium plants (spiky ones in background) at the garden shop, along with this really neat woven arch.

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Here I am (looking a little blurry, as usual) at this really cool garden shop in Mendocino village. The whole town is flower heaven...
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Window box flowers on Mendocino's Main Street

Salpiglossis sinuata
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Back to Reality

Just got back from a nice coastal getaway... Finding it hard to get back to the daily grind. Coming back to an uncharacteristically humid, hot Sacramento didn't help. Still have just 2 contractor bids... well, still waiting for one to come in (he came and measured) . I was disappointed to learn that contractor #2 wouldn't be able to start until October at the earliest.

I'm inclined to go with the first company because they're well-established, are well-insured, seem fair-priced, and are equipped to start much sooner.

In the meantime, family stepped in to help with the patio cover (made lots of progress) and have promised to help put the kit greenhouse together. There may be orchids in my future yet...

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

The bid is in...

Got the first bid. Surprisingly, the numbers didn't shock me. Of course, the bid didn't include plants... or anything fancy like built-in barbecues or outdoor fireplaces. My Smith & Hawken portable firepit will have to suffice in the fire department. Lighting wasn't included either; or raised beds; or the biggie-- construction of my greenhouse. They don't want to mess with it, but will refer me to a general contractor (versus landscape contractor).

So, I'm attributing the fact that the numbers didn't phase me to a) they're bidding on just the basics (grass, sprinklers, mow strip, etc.), b) they're fairly reasonable and c) I'm getting a bit jaded in my old age.

The one splurge is flagstone in D.G. (decomposed granite). We all know flagstone is expensive, but the funny thing is, I was told D.G. has gotten pricey! How could something that looks like rocky dirt, or dirty rock, that gets stuck in your shoes and scrapes up your hardwood floors be pricey? Is there no justice in the world?

Contractor visit #2 is happening today! Should be interesting to have a comparison...

Monday, July 05, 2004

Bid, Interrupted

The first bid from a landscape contractor was supposed to be ready Friday, but the bidder got food poisoning. No, really! I believe him!

We rescheduled for tomorrow. I, of course, joked about who was going to bring the smelling salts for reviving me after I read the $$figures$$. He said he always brings the drinks... Ha ha ha... those landscape contractors are such comedians.