Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Bulbs, veggies, etc...

Got sidelined by the holidays and a Christmas head cold (Thank you, Santa!)... Still sniffling a bit, but functional.

My timing was a bit off for harvesting ripe tomatoes at Christmas. I do have some seedlings growing right now and we dragged one of my giant half-barrels into the greenhouse when the weather turned un-tomatoey. Here's what my 'Caspian Pink' tomatoes look like today, January 4th:

In the yard, some of my bulbs are coming up... Dutch iris and hyacinth, mostly. The puppies have all my plants looking a little battered. What are ya gonna do? They're puppies. They run, they dig, they rip things out of the ground with their bare teeth. They're adorable!

Emily the outdoor cat doesn't seem too bothered by them. They bark at her and she just sits there, unlike our indoor cat that has been in self-imposed seclusion since the puppies came home. Here's Emily with her thick winter coat:

My latest garden project, completed just before Christmas, is this teacup birdfeeder. Drilling was harder than I imagined, but I love the way it turned out. I still need to drill a couple drainage holes so for now it's purely decorative. No, wait, it's a tiny bird bath!

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