Thursday, February 24, 2005

Started More Seeds Today

In the greenhouse...

Mexican sunflower (Tithonia 'Torch')
Nasturtium 'Whirlybird Cherry Rose'
Nasturtium 'Vesuvias'

Yesterday, I started some Cerinthe major 'Purpurescens'

Am soaking seeds of Love-in-a-Puff and still need to start more seeds, time permitting. I'm trying to be good about labeling everything, which isn't my usual haphazard, "adult ADD" approach to gardening... So far, so good... well, except for my 'Roma' and 'Yellow Pear' tomates which got mixed up in the heat of the moment. As soon as they fruit, I'll sneak little labels on them to restore the illusion that I possess both enthusiasm and discipline. ;-)

Just ordered more plant tags from Peaceful Valley. I think I'll go pat myself on the back now...

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