Thursday, December 08, 2005

Practical Gifts for the Avid Gardener

Crabtree & Evelyn's Gardeners Hand Scrub
This stuff is great for those who garden sans gloves... cleans and moisturizes without feeling greasy. Nice herbal scent too.

30 in Colormark Rain Wand by Dramm

Everyone deserves a Wedgiethis Christmas. If no one gives you a wedgie, give yourself one!

Sandflex Hand Block
This magic rubbery, gritty "eraser" gets the gunk off your pruners and other tools!

Cordless Electric hedger/edger/blower
I love this trio! They really work and you can shuffle the three batteries around as needed. Did I mention the no cords and no gasoline part?

Bulb Auger
Puts the fun back in bulb planting...

Can-O-Worms from Peaceful Valley Farm Supply

Redworms from Peaceful Valley Farm Supply
Hmmm... might not want to put this one under the tree...

Waterproof Gloves by West County Gardener
These ran large for me. If you normally wear a women's M, I suggest ordering the S.

Rose Gloves by West County Gardener

Smith & Hawken Biostack Compost Bin
If space is limited, or if you're not a DIY'er, Consumer Reports rated this composter tops...

Felco Pruners
These are great pruners and come in many flavors. They dull rather quickly (their only downfall, imho), so get the sharpener too.

Felco Pruner Holster
Never again utter the phrase, "Now where the #^%$ did I leave those ^%$#%@ pruners?"

SpeedySharp Knife Sharpener
Great for keeping those Felcos sharp. Works fast, unlike a "sharpening" stone. Those oily things take forever! True, you're not supposed to remove too much metal, but the results should at least be perceptible!

Merrell Waterproof Moc for Men and Women
Slip 'em on and muck about while keeping your feet dry and toasty warm.

Hori Hori
Great for dividing perennials

Sometimes called a "mattock-hoe"... this is probably my favorite tool.

Kangaroo Container from Harmony Farm Supply

Rainbow Tubs from Gardener's Supply
(Cute puppies not included)icon

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