Monday, September 18, 2006

Vegiforms on my yellow zucchini

Ok, now some of you may find this disturbing on several levels... just plain wrong... but if you're the type of person whose heart races a little at the thought of a yellow zucchini sporting a man's face, then Vegiforms are for you.

I strapped Pickle Puss on yesterday and will be checking his growth rate frequently after learning that my friend Weeder's Vegiform got stuck not once, but twice. Squash tend to grow very quickly. Or did she use eggplant? Anyhoo...

Stay tuned.


  1. Anonymous11:52 AM

    It's HILARIOUS! Funny & slightly insane. Makes me laugh out loud. (Thank goodness I don't have a naughty mind, or I'd have to make further comments ;-)
    Looking forward to pics of the finished product.

    Garden Gran

  2. Dear Gran,

    It's a good thing I don't have a dirty mind either, or it'd take me... every... ounce... of... restraint... to... refrain... from... making... further... comments. ;-)

  3. That is too cool! Can you imagine a gift basket full of vegatable people?
    This is my 1st visit- chanced on you via a quiz on another site- but I will be back. I'm a novice gardener in Tracy & always looking for ideas.