Sunday, September 30, 2007

UC Davis Arboretum 33rd Annual Plant Sale

I'm listening to Farmer Fred streaming live (I hope that doesn't hurt) on my laptop while enjoying a slice of bacon, an egg, a piece of toast... dry... and a large mug of Peet's French Roast coffee. Ah, Sundays...

Anyway, he's reminding folks about the 33rd Annual Plant Sale at the UC Davis Orchard Park Nursery. Fall is a great time for planting and this sale is sure to have something for everybody, from plant geek to newbie. Check it out if you can. Apparently, they'll have a new variety of Santa Barbara daisy called 'Spindrift' (Erigeron karvinskianus 'Spindrift'), which has a compact habit and doesn't spread like E. karvinskianus. Me want!

If you are coming from out of town, you might as well make a day of it and stop for lunch in relaxing downtown Davis. If you're feeling sandwichy and it's just you and a friend or two, try Zia's. See where else the locals... Davisians?... Davisidians?... eat on

Hey, did you know you can ride your bike from downtown Sacramento to Davis? That's about 14 miles. To get home, you can either ride back to your car, which will be parked in a parking garage near the Tower Bridge, or take Amtrak back to your car, presumably parked in the Amtrak parking lot. Won't you feel like such a stud getting on the train with your bike? Won't you feel like a total rock star if you ride both ways?

Ok, so maybe you should do the bike ride on a different day from the plant sale, unless your bike has a nursery cart attached to the back. You also have until 1pm on Saturday to swing by the year-round Davis Farmers' Market.

When: Saturday, October 6
  • 9 am to 3 pm Public Sale
  • 7 am to 9 am Members Only Sale
"If you join or renew your membership on October 6th, you will receive a $5.00 discount on your annual membership, and a buy one get one free plant coupon good for one plant valued up to $8.00. All members receive a 10% discount at the sale"

What: Download Plant List

More info:


  1. Having been one for 33 years I believe the term is Davisite...! And the sale is always wonderful in a dangerous way for those with little empty space in their yard!

  2. Aha! Davisite! Thanks.

    And the sale is always wonderful in a dangerous way for those with little empty space in their yard!

    Isn't that why container gardening was invented... for addicts like us? ;-)

  3. To ride from Sacramento to Davis you have to take the I Street Bridge. The Tower Bridge is closed to traffic until sometime in November, as they're widening the sidewalks. The drawbridge is locked on "up," so that boat traffic can pass.

  4. So why do you think the Davis sale and the UC Berkeley plant sale are the SAME DAY? Not, honestly, that I was going to go out to Davis, but still. I'm fairly certain that the UCSC Arboretum Sale is at least on a different weekend.