Saturday, February 09, 2008


My home pizza baking project was overall a success. I was pleased with how large (approx. 16") and thin the crust was, but it didn't crisp up and brown on the bottom as much as it should have. This is probably why people use pizza stones... to try to replicate commercial pizza oven conditions. I think I have some brick-like pizza stones... somewhere... and will try to find them. I may also have taken it out of the oven a bit too soon.

Tonight, I'm making another pizza; this time with pesto instead of red sauce and Canadian bacon instead of turkey pepperoni. I might also get a little crazy and use kalamata olives in place of the regular ol' canned sliced black olives.

Meanwhile, I'll get back on and see what they recommend for achieving a slightly crispier, darker crust.

Mmmmm...... pizza.


  1. Congratulations, it looks excellent! I just use a cookie sheet for our pizza, an old, darkened, battered pan...and quite high heat. Our over is propane, and that tends to cook quicker, I think, as well. I'm glad you had fun, and your second pizza will be even better. You'll have so much fun experimenting with different flavours, too.

  2. You did great - your pizza looks delicious. Let us know if you pick up any tips about the crust.

    I'm impressed that your son eats black olives on pizza. My son picks everything except pepperoni or ham off his pizzas. That drives me crazy...

  3. Angela,

    A pizza place I grew up with called Me and Eds used to put cornmeal on the bottom of the crust. I don't know if that was used to crisp it up, but I remember is being the best crust, crispy on the outdide and soft on the inside. They also cooked it in a wood buring oven which I am sure made a difference. Ok, you did it again, you made me hungry. : )