Monday, June 30, 2008

Hey, Sacramento Veggie Gardeners

To those of you who were missing my veggie page while I was switching to the new design, I just got it back up. I renamed the page Edible Gardening, so note the new link.


  1. My jaw hit the floor when I saw that page. Is it the same info from the CA Master Gardener Guide? Anyway, that is so perfect!

    As always, love the site.

  2. Hi Katie,

    I'm not sure how similar it is to the UC Master Gardener Guide. You mean the book? The calendar? I did link to some PDF files that the UC Vegetable Research and Information Center (UC VRIC) has on their wonderful site and the planting calendar is based on info I culled from three sources (listed at the bottom of the calendar).

  3. Just printed out the Vegetable Planting Calendar! Now if I'll just remember to use it! Bok choy isn't on the list but I'm guessing its a winter plant because I planted some in early spring and they bolted before they were even pencil thick!

  4. Just added Bok Choy/Pac Choi. Be sure to read the interesting Sunset article I linked to about growing Bok Choy.

    Oh, and I haven't made a printer-friendly calendar yet. Hold your horses!