Thursday, March 19, 2009

A few repeat performances...

And some new beginnings.

Ceanothus is about to pop, bulbs are doing their thing (even last year's tulips), hummingbird sage is looking fresh and reinvigorated after I whacked it back, and my dogs are looking for something disgusting to roll around in. Must be Spring.


  1. Looks like spring to me. Why do our dogs have to find the most revolting stuff to roll in?

  2. You definitely have more Spring than me. Is that Nasturtium? I really enjoy those flowers. The dogs are great helpers in the garden, aren't they?

  3. Loving that pink daffodil--name please?

  4. Pretty sure it's 'Chromacolor'. Love it, and it just keeps multiplying...

  5. Anonymous1:31 AM

    Great usual!

  6. Keewee, I think to our dogs, Eau de Dead Worm is like Jean Paul Gaultier to me. ;-)

    Gardeness, Yes, my nasturtiums come back year after year on their own. Such a happy plant and tasty flower.

    Weeder, Thanks. Not sure they are great photos. I took them in midday, with dappled conditions. Too lazy to grab my diffuser at the time. But, hey, I'm blogging again, a little! ;-)