Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mother Earth News tomato survey

C'mon, Sacratomatans, this upcoming article needs your input!

Take the survey.


  1. I filled out the survey! Pretty cool.

  2. I comcpleted the survey. I noticed that you do not have plum tomatoes listed in your list. I added them in. They are my FAVORITE. Cherry tomatoes are not the same :-)

    I enjoyed visiting, so much good info here.
    Maybe you will have an answer to my gardening question. In my garden, for some reason, I have a bunch of new strawberries growing. This is my first year growing them, and I did not expect to have ny at the end of September...but not only do I have flowers and berries, they are the most delicious of the year. Just very flavoful, maybe because the cold nights concentrate the sugars? I have no idea. But I am totally stoked with my strawberry garden!

    I live in Massachusetts, is it normal to have strawberries this late? Or is it because I had no established plants, and the baby plants matured later than normal?

  3. pretty cool survey! I feel that I need to learn more about these tomatoes first and then retake the survey!