Monday, September 12, 2011

City Chickens

Coop of the Rising Sun
The City of Sacramento unanimously approved the right for City residents to keep up to three backyard chickens. Hens, to be exact. No cockadoodledoos. And at my workplace, Talini's Nursery, we just started carrying these wonderful, embellished chicken coops made by Greg and Brian at Two Flew the Coop.

Coop of the Rising Sun entrance
Karma Coop
Karma Coop (left) and Coop of the Rising Sun (right)

Karma Coop Entrance


  1. Hi! I have followed your blog for sometime now. I never realized you worked at Talini's. It's one of our favorite places to spend time (and money) at. We will be coming in this week, if I see you I'll make sure to say hello. Love the coops!
    Stopping by from

    xo, Tracy

  2. Thanks for your wonderful blog. I've just found it in a search for CA garden blogs and am looking forward to reading old posts.

    I'll be living and working at Sacramento NWR and hope to get a butterfly garden going there so am looking for gardeners that grow natives.

    I used to live near Austin, Texas and they have a chicken coop tour each year.

  3. I never knew chicken coops could be so pretty!

  4. Do Greg and Brian at Two Flew the Coop have a website? Amazing coops!

  5. These chicken coops are fantastic, don't think i've ever seen anything like it in the U.K, well not where I am - in Scotland.

  6. Those are some cute coops. Round our neighborhood we have to completely fence in the chickens cos of the coyotes and etc. I don't keep chickens but you might want to check out the curbstonevalley blog, if you don't know them. They live near me. They have "fowl friday" posts that are wonderful.

  7. Nice Chicken Coops! Only in California I guess.

  8. I love your blog. This post struck me the most. I really thought that chicken coops are not allowed in a busy city like Sacramento. I admire the designs of these chicken coops here. Have you tried visiting Butchart Gardens here in Victoria? You should! It is downright gorgeous especially spring, summer and fall. I look for ward to your new posts.

  9. Hey,

    Love the blog, you def have a new follower.

    I was wondering if you knew what kind of plants are good for heavily shaded gardens? we have a tiny tiny city garden, but it is surrounded by big oak trees which i suspect are sucking the life out of everything, couple that with it not getting an ounce of sun and me being a complete novice, i've no idea what to plant in there, everything from last year died.

    thanks for your help!!

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