Saturday, June 15, 2013

Visit to Flora Grubb Gardens in San Francisco

I made my first visit to Flora Grubb Gardens yesterday, a San Francisco garden shop I've admired online for years. It's wonderful, and exceeded my expectations in terms of overall fabulousness. Flora Grubb was our last stop of the day before heading home to Sacramento, and the timing was almost perfect. 

Except for Ritual Coffee Roasters being closed for the day, we happened to visit in the last hour before closing time. They were "un-crowded" enough for us to enjoy the park-like peacefulness and the opportunity to explore all parts of the nursery, from the outdoor garden vignettes with color-coordinated plants, pots and furniture, to the napping nursery cat, to all the cool, clever and useful supplies inside. 

This is air plant heaven, succulent heaven, junk art heaven, garden furniture heaven, and nursery + cafe heaven. We even experienced parking heaven as I was able to pull my Honda into a spot right out front. After a day of parking dramas and dodging buses, cyclists, and pedestrians, it felt somewhat decadent to be able to park... for free... at the entrance.


Aunt Eileen at the entrance to Flora Grubb
Eileen enjoying a comfortable cement lounger.
The ubiquitous lounging nursery cat.
Love these planters!
Alphabet succulent frames!
Air Plant bike and trike!
Array of colorful ceramic pots
Need something to attach your air plants to?
Old sink planted with carnivorous pitcher plants
Fermobulous Fermob French bistro tables
Fermob chairs adorning a high wall
Kids + gardening = fun
Eileen trying on a hat
Indoor/Outdoor rugs
Air plants and unique metal frames
Artisan pottery
Tabletop Aeriums
Thigmotrope Satellite air plant holders. I bought three for my house. These look fabulous against the purple backdrop.
Clever air plant pricing system
Air Plant demonstration wall
Ritual Coffee inside Flora Grubb
One of Flora Grubb's friendly employees making a planter.
Here I am, in funky nursery plant heaven.
Enjoying the warm curves of the cement lounger after a day of hustle and bustle.
Flora Grubb delivery truck and more parking!
Flora Grubb entry sign
Panorama of Flora Grubb, 1635 Jerrold Avenue, SF, CA.


  1. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Great, inspiring photos, ideas, colors! And two lovely gals enjoying them...

  2. If there is a Mecca for gardeners, I think Flora Grubb is it. Thanks for sharing lots of pictures!

  3. I agree, Katie. Can't believe it took me so long to make my pilgrimage. ;-)

    I can't wait to go back. Happy to share my iPhone pics. :-)

  4. What a comprehensive and beautiful post! You really "got" us! Thank you so very much! We are thrilled that you had a perfect last stop here on your way home.
    -Jason at Flora Grubb Gardens

  5. Thanks, Jason! I look forward to a longer visit next time. I know I missed a few things, including coffee. I forgot to add that I love that you have music playing at the shop. Nurseries should be joyful and Flora Grubb, without a doubt, is.

  6. This is a great blog! I love the photos that you took. I have never been to this garden, but you can bet the next time I am in town I am going! I work with an outdoor wedding venue company in Utah. I specialize in wedding flower arrangements so I am sure that I would LOVE coming here.