Friday, August 17, 2012

A welcome lull

Thursday is my "nursery day", as in the only day I work at Talini's these days. During summer, the nursery is extremely busy, often sprouting a line of Radio Flyer wagon-toting customers out the back door. We are fully staffed during that time, so it's manageable. Ish.

Heading into midsummer, there's an expected lull and we pare down staff. It's not a fun transition for me because it takes awhile for staffing to match the lull. Meanwhile, I run around like a chicken with its head cut off, which for me is not a pleasant sensation. Especially when it's 106 degrees F.

Phones go unanswered... plants wilt (No, not at Talini's!) ... And I don't get to enjoy the more tranquil and creative aspects of nursery work. Just when it starts to get to me, the lull truly arrives and I can squeeze in more of what I feel like doing instead of what must be done.

Yesterday was the first of those days for me this season.

I admired our new chicken coop.

And our new shipment of Mexican metal art.

And this darling bamboo birdhouse.

And wondered about the new Irish employee.

And enjoyed the ongoing festive feeling I get from the (Balinese?) umbrellas.

But the truest sign of a mellower pace... I got to make a couple basket planters. Ahhhhh....

Life, which is so much about balance, is good again, even if just for a day. It's so much easier to achieve balance with your head firmly attached to the rest of your body.

In these moments, I can finally stand still long enough to appreciate the gentle push of a Delta breeze, hinting at milder weather and quieter moments ahead.

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