Monday, January 28, 2013

Enchilada casserole as blogging catalyst

I don't know if it's this sudden shift toward Spring-like weather, or the fact that I just bought the house I've been renting since my divorce in '09... and the fact that my fiance is about to shed his money-sucking house that screamed all that was instead of all that we were trying to become... but suddenly, I feel like blogging again!

I was pretty burnt-out on garden blogging and felt like I'd never go back to it because there are simply too many blogs out there on gardening, yoga, cats, cooking, politics, etc., and really, who cares, and what the hell do I have to say about anything anyway, in my now-tiny yard and rental house? When I had a kick ass garden and a lot more free time, blogging was an easy outlet for me. Around the time I fled the big house and garden, Facebook came along replaced the enjoyably distant connectedness that my blog had provided me.

Facebook is still fun, but I can't seem to quiet that nagging voice in the back of my head saying, "Hey, why are you making Mr. "I'm CEO, Bitch!" Zuckerberg even richer by giving him your words, your friends and family, and your photos?" After happening upon a superb food blog, Pinch of Yum, it got me thinking about going back to blogging. I'm a decent writer, a decent photographer with Photoshop skills, and I am passionate not just about gardening, but food and homemaking and entertaining and humor and integrity and love and run-on sentences, and, yes, goofy animals and... about every four years... I throw in a liberally biased post or two because I'm preoccupied with the election (Yay, Obama!). :-))

But I need to focus. I struggle with being a smidge ADD/OCD/LAZY and go through extended periods where I am obsessed with gardening, exercising, or finding the perfect refrigerator, or work, or kid drama (x3), or ex drama (x2), or granite countertops, or finding the perfect enchilada casserole recipe that is easy, tasty, and doesn't contain ingredients that Kim, my fiance, hates. The list of foods Kim hates begins with cream cheese, sour cream, onions, and goes on and on. But, I digress. Back to my mind, and blogging.

My mind is like a deluxe hamster cage complete with wheel, travel tubes and bars, which my mind rattles in an attempt to escape at night while struggling to fall asleep. It was the enchilada casserole recipe that brought my thoughts back to blogging, which brought me back here. Do you see the vicious cycle that is my thought process? The enchilada casserole was delicious, which I feel adds substance to everything I'm saying here.

So now I need to figure out how I can blog about all the things I love in a cohesive manner. There's got to be a way to tie it all together in a clever package. If something comes to me, I may explore how to create such a blog, and how to migrate my old posts, and my life, into something that makes sense. Onward!