Saturday, June 12, 2004

Armed and Dangerously Minty...

Grabbed the last two cans of Victor hornet spray on the shelf at Emigh. Repeated the practice of first spraying the creeping fig with a hose to rouse hornets that survived the initial nest destruction. By the way, the survivors were likely nest guards or were "out in the field" when the nest was sprayed. The spray seemed quite effective at killing when direct contact was made.

Sure enough, encountered about 4 more buzzing around near the ground and crawling out from inside the vine. Got 'em all with direct hits, but somehow, I have a feeling there'll be a few more encounters before they disappear entirely. I also sprayed the creeping fig to make it less hospitable.

Total cost? $15 for 3 cans of spray... not bad, considering pest control company B wanted $139.

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