Thursday, June 24, 2004


Finally heard back from the 3rd landscape contractor on the list. He asked me to describe the yard... wanted to make sure it wasn't "tiny"... Suddenly I felt like I was being interviewed... I felt like I had to "pump up" my yard just so he'd come take a look! When asked if I knew the yard's "footage", I said I wasn't sure, but gave him the total lot size (1/4 acre) and assured him it wasn't a "postage stamp yard". When I mentioned the existing pool (and no, I said nothing about its sordid history), he said a pool might be a "complicating factor" and would have to call me back. Huh?!!! The other two companies I've talked to so far didn't seem to be intimidated by the pool. So, we'll see.

I guess it's a good sign for the local economy that some contractors can be so picky!

If I had to choose one contractor now, based on phone manners alone, I do have a favorite... Also happens to be the most booked-up. We'll see who ends up doing the job. And when.

Shouldn't I wait until fall, the ideal planting time, to be doing all this? Yes, but I'm eager to get going. Depending on how things go, we may be looking at a fall installation anyway... ;-)

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