Saturday, September 25, 2004

Nursery Cans Flying Everywhere!

Another bed is coming together... I love my Smith & Hawken cobalt blue birdbath. I've surrounded it with yellow lantana, pink sedum, Mexican bush sage and lavender. In the background are 3 princess flower shrubs. You can't see them because they're still tiny! Got 'em at Whole Foods in 4" containers. I think they'll do well up against the fence since they tend to be sorta viney, as shrubs go. Adding interest in the foreground is a rusted metal quail family. Rusted metal yard art is included in my lengthy list of garden addictions. ;-)
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It's amazing how quickly the birds and butterflies come when you start making a garden. Well, ok, it helped that I put up two hummingbird feeders and a gourmet selection of shelled sunflower seed and niger thistle. The hummers found the nectar feeders right away, but the seed eaters haven't come around yet. I've been told it's a somewhat quiet time in my area, birdwise. By the way, am I crazy or do hummingbirds seem smart? Maybe both.

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