Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I Curse You, Computer Gods!

If you're wondering why the Events Calendar is down, it's because there are demons in the nifty new calendar software program I started using. I spent the time inputting all the fun happenings for May, uploaded them to cyberspace, went back to add a few more dates and kerplooey! Not only had dates disappeared, but some jumped to other dates! Soooooo.... I entered them again, feeling the pain of time lost forever to task tedium. That's how dedicated I am to the avid gardeners of Sacramento. Saved everything often (always save often), uploaded the calendar... and kerplooey... AGAIN! In defeat, the Events Calendar sits unlinked. Contrary to how much time I spend in cyberspace, I do have a life and can't get to it right now. But, hey, you shouldn't be spending money at another plant sale, and you certainly shouldn't be traipsing around another garden tour. Catch up on your laundry. Or spring cleaning. Or get your dates from the Bee, where people actually get paid to do this. ;-)

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