Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Pining for Smith & Hawken

Every now and then I check the Smith & Hawken website to see if/when we're getting a store in Sacramento. None coming anytime soon, apparently, but I did discover that we now have a Smith & Hawken "Authorized Dealer" in our area!

Davis Ace Hardware

240 G ST. (behind bldg. A)
Davis, CA 95616

Woo hoo!

I still think Sacramento is worthy of a full-fledged store. They think we're not tony enough (locations are restricted to Beverly Hills, Walnut Creek, Palo Alto, etc.) and we may not be... but we sure love to garden and spend our hard-earned money on garden accoutrements. Heck, we're tony enough to use words like "accoutrements"! Give us a store! Please? Pretty Please? With a Mercedes Benz on top?

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