Friday, July 15, 2005

More photos from Mendocino

Ingrid's Mendo Birds. It's a must for garden lovers!

The front of her shop... in the background is my really hot ride... my Toyota, um, minivan.

mosaic chair

wow, can you imagine trying to fill that vase with water? and how do you put flowers in it? i guess i should say how do you put flower in it? just kidding. always kidding.

front window of Ingrid's shop

how many clay people does it take to hold up some succulents?


bird in hand

more mendo birds

Ok, so we're on the road now. On expert advice, we decided to stop at the Navarro winery on the way home. The nice wine man recommended the 2001 Pinot Noir... I know... pinots are so trendy since Sideways... but he and my expert were right. It's lovely. No, I did not sample that day. I was driving.

The Navarro Winery

They have some covered picnic benches on the side and a small garden out front

and grapes... can't forget the grapes.
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