Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Hello from Mendocino

Reclining in this rental house's Barcalounger with a laptop warming my legs, I need only lift my eyes from the screen to get a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and rugged bluffs. It was sunny this morning, but the fog's rolling in early. That's ok by me because I know it'll be around 102 in Sacramento today.

Want to know what's blooming in Mendocino? Passion vine, nasturtium, sweet peas, penstemon, lupine, naked ladies, poppies, alstroemeria and more... Because of the fog, the quality of light here is incredible and flower colors don't fade. A photographer's dream.

I hope to hit a nursery and driftwood store today.

I'll be back in Pyrethrumtown tomorrow night. Until then...

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