Monday, November 28, 2005

A Hunt for the Endangered Garden Gnome

A gardener near Marysville wrote and asked me where she could find a nice (2ft) garden gnome as a Christmas gift. She hasn't been able to find any at local nurseries. I have to say... I can't recall seeing any garden gnomes at Sacramento nurseries either! Where have all the garden gnomes gone? Have they all been liberated? If anyone knows of a good local source for tall garden gnomes (2 ft. is tall for a garden gnome, right?) please comment!

I suggested she try Eisley's and Emigh Hardware, since they tend to sell "folksy" garden decor. Think of any other good places for her to try?

I did find some good online sources. I haven't ordered from any of them before, but these were top Google results so you can assume they're not fly-by-night gnome sellers.

Fans and foes alike, you might be interested in the George Bush gnome from Only $29.95. Comes in traditional, military, patriotic or original (Texan) dress. Original's my favorite, in case Santa's reading this. I also have my eye on the $500 Accessory Contest prize.

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