Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Starting to think about tomatoes...

Last year was a very weird tomato year for me. I planted heirlooms and hybrids and everything was late to fruit, if they fruited at all. Some of my biggest tomatoes came from a Russian heirloom called 'Azoychka', but they mostly failed to ripen until fall and were a bit tart for my taste!

I did feel like we didn't get as much heat as usual. Those mild days were pleasant, but perhaps not tomato-friendly. Lesson learned? Plant an 'Early Girl' just in case. 'Sungold' has been good to me too, though I may give 'SunSugar' a go because of its reported crack-resistance.

Last summer's best-tasting and most prolific tomato? A volunteer seedling near where I grew 'Sungold' the previous year. It resembled a large red cherry tomato and was super sweet with just a little tang. Yum... and so much for all my planning.

Another disappointment was the size of my 'Jelly Bean' grape tomatoes. I pictured tiny and sweet and got big and bland. Almost crunchy.

I'm very interested in seeing what this year brings. More to follow on what varieties I'm gambling on this year...

On a side note, summer of 05' was a great year for hot peppers in my garden.

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