Monday, February 27, 2006

Tomatoes-- To Pinch or Not to Pinch

Check out this article from Fine Gardening:
Pruning Tomatoes

Do you pinch?!!!


  1. - I pinch like crazy!
    once the larger plants start to hit over 5 feet a big brandywine can pull a plant to its knees. I think this year im just going to let one go and see what happens- Know where I can get an 11 foot cage?
    Tomato project

  2. Hmmm... an 11-foot cage for your untamed tomato... How about trying your local zoo or a traveling circus supply store? ;-)

    I hope you report back later in the season and let us know how The Tomato Project is going!

  3. I don't pinch, never have but I also have more room to let the tomatoes spread out. Mine are trellised the way the commercial growers do it locally by using stakes and string.

  4. Are those your tomatoes, Kerry? They're gorgeous!

  5. They were. They were from the 2004 garden. I used chemical fertilizers at the time which I have gradually moved away from. If I could come up with a pickup I could get all of the manure I could want locally as the county I live in is a very agricultural area.