Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hanging strawberries and tomatoes

Most of my strawberries and tomatoes are in the ground, but I wanted to try some in hanging baskets for fun and to see if they're less affected by pests and diseases. I had some old wire baskets lying around that seemed like they'd be big enough.

The baskets held a surprising amount of Black Gold organic potting soil, so I don't think they'll dry out too quickly on hot days. I'll still need to check them daily, but that's true of all my pots.

The strawberries look a little sulky because I transplanted them from established beds. They should perk up in a day or two. I wouldn't normally transplant strawberries when they're forming fruit, but this was all done on a whim.

The tomato is 'Sun Sugar' and should cascade nicely over the edge of the basket.


  1. Strawberrys hin hanging baskets looks very good. And the slugs and snails can not get them!


  2. Very interesting idea!!I am from Canada perhaps I will try this w/
    Cherry tomatoes!! I am going to do something different w/ my tomatoes this year and will post about it soon. We really cannot start our annuals until May 24th for fear of overnight frost and cold.

  3. If you're interested in hanging veggies, be sure to check out a clever way of doing it in Albert's Greenhouse Blog.

  4. I am trying a grape tomatoe in a down under pot this year,after hearing about growing them upside downin a mag last year.The pots look cool(from KInsman)Will have to post on success later.I have grown cherrys in pots before and had good results,I would say though I had best luck using topsoil,potting soils seem to rich and all i got was a humongo plant without fruit.