Saturday, June 10, 2006

Want to major in Organic Ag? Now you can.

UCD plows ahead, but lags on organic ag major
By Edie Lau -- Sacramento Bee Science Writer

For the first time this fall, a university in the United States is offering a major in organic agriculture.
It's not at the University of California, Davis, one of the nation's foremost agricultural schools, nor is it anywhere in California, the top state in certified organic cropland.

The program is at Washington State University, which is leading a movement among agricultural schools to put organic farming in the curriculum.

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By the way, WSU is in a quaint college town called Pullman, Washington, where I happened to live from age 11 to 15. Picture, if you will-- college students, real cowboys, snow, Main Street, steep, treesy hills lined with charming homes, rolling wheat hills, the best ice cream, rock concerts, and cute boys who are now middle-aged like me so just shoot me.

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