Saturday, July 15, 2006

Going back to Mendo

In the coming week I'll be busy cleaning house (oh, the backlog...), packing, troubleshooting my drip system and spending extra snuggle time with my dogs. Why? So I can leave in a week for a 7-day soul-soothing trip to Mendocino! This time, I'm going to make an effort to forge ahead into unkown nursery territory. In addition to being heart-stoppingly picturesque, Mendocino is home to several really cool nurseries.

And a cafe with internet, so I won't get the shakes.

And wineries. If I make it to Digging Dog Nursery and Pacific Star Winery, I'll be one happy camper. Shame on me for using "happy" and "camper" in the same sentence.

Fear not... I'll check in when I can. I won't be able to share pics until I get back because I don't have a laptop. Tragic, I know. The pics will be residing on my video iPod until I get home. So, yes, I will be roughing it. Just like camping.


  1. I'm with you NO to camping. Happy trails to you!

  2. I LOVE the outdoors. I just don't want to sleep there. My idea of roughing it is no room service!

  3. My idea of roughing it is no room service and no wireless internet. ;-)