Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Why we vacation

Don't get me wrong... I love Sacramento. And I can take the summer heat. That doesn't mean I don't appreciate the fact that I am leaving this weekly forecast...


104°F 40°C
68°F 20°C THU

108°F 42°C
70°F 21°C FRI

112°F 44°C
71°F 21°C SAT

111°F 43°C
70°F 21°C SUN

109°F 42°C
68°F 20°C MON

107°F 41°C
68°F 20°C TUE

105°F 40°C
66°F 18°C

... for this one.


73°F 22°C
56°F 13°C THU

77°F 25°C
61°F 16°C FRI

80°F 26°C
61°F 16°C SAT

79°F 26°C
59°F 15°C SUN

78°F 25°C
59°F 15°C MON

74°F 23°C
57°F 13°C TUE

74°F 23°C
55°F 12°C

That's what vacations are for, right? Getting outta town for a taste of something different. Escaping the heat. Or basking in the sun. We know what awaits us when we return, but for one glorious week we get to walk around in a cool fog... or lie on a sunny beach... in appreciation.


  1. Hi Angela,hope you are having a fun vacation.It was 36.2 degrees C today in England, so hot the roads melted.I looked at your Sacramento temps.How does any plant survive that heat?My cottage garden would die.It has been frazzled for past 3 days.Thank god for cybercafe's where you are.Enjoy your break...

  2. 97 degrees F in England?!!! Did I calc. that right? Global warming sure is a pisser, eh?

    For some reason, our plants do ok. We plant a lot of Mediterranean stuff... and subtropicals... and put the really tough stuff in the sun and provide partial to full shade for more delicate plants.

    Sacramento "happens" to be located at the confluence of two rivers, the Sacramento and the American, so we have water with which to, um, water. Plants need water, I gather. We also plant natives, which get by on seasonal rainfal once established.

    Somehow we Sacramentans acclimate as well. When we get hit with our first summer heat spell, I usually feel like "Oh my God, it's so hot. Wah, wah. I can't take this." Then time passes and suddenly it's 105 outside and I barely notice. Having air conditioning inside helps too. Sorry, ozone layer.

    Well, Fall will be here before we know it. The mornings will be crisp and cool enough for a sweater. In the meantime, I think I'll go to Mendo. Oh, to have a summer house there. That's the stuff of dreams.

  3. Air conditioning or not, that is hot! We've been in the low 90's and complaining about it. Of course, the humidity doesn't help. But relief is on its way tomorrow!

    Signed - Pacer Fan

  4. Yes, humidity is an important factor. That's one thing we don't usually have to worry about here in "yeah, it's hot, but it's a dry heat" land. Plus, the Delta breeze blows in just when we need it most.

    I nearly keeled over in 80 degrees while doing some heavy gardening in rainy Portland, Oregon once. The air felt so thick you could chew it and not even sweat could cool us off. Connecticut was like that too. If I'm gonna have heat, I like me a dry heat. ;-)

  5. Enjoy your holiday Angela. Sounds like it's gone to be a little cooler and much easier to live with in Mendocino.