Thursday, October 19, 2006

Little Field of Flowers Rug by NANIMARQUINA

Were you just thinking, "I love flowers soooooooooooo much that I wish I could buy a flower rug... and not just a flower-imprinted flat rug but a super-cool 3D-ish shaggy flower rug I can lie on contemplatively in my flouncy matching dress and pumps."?

Yes? Me too! OMG, what are the odds? Well, our wish has been granted.

In Sacramento, you can buy this rug through Room & Company. Bay areans, try Design Within Reach in Berkeley or In Your Element in San Francisco.

Thanks to Inhabitat for blogging this. Now if only IKEA would manufacture a knockoff we mere mortals could afford...


  1. Yes, odds are slim that I'll buy such a rug. I wonder how you vacuum it, with a "leaf vac"?

  2. The model in the ad doesn't seem the least bit concerned with such matters. I'm guessing the rug purchase includes tidy little wood fairies who are down there all the time with itty bitty brooms and buckets and dust pans.