Thursday, October 19, 2006

Peeping Pets

This just makes me happy on so many levels. It's funny... it's crazy... it's sweet... it's a guaranteed laugh for passersby. At only 30 bucks plus shipping and handling, I'm about this close to ordering one.

Hey, why not? If you're in prison, you want a cell with a view, right? Let's at least let our imprisoned, er, uh, domesticated, pets see what's on the other side. If you have, say, a German Shepherd, it will also let prospective burglars see what they're up against.

What will they think when they see my Pet Peek... mounted about 10" off the ground, with two badass Chihuahua/Rat Terriers staring back at them like mutant goldfish.

"I'm gettin' out of the crime business and am going to start marketing crazy inventions to sappy dog owners," is what they'll think. Or maybe that's just what this sappy dog owner who installed trellis on the bottom of one section of fence so our old dog could see through it thinks a burglar would think.


  1. Anonymous3:56 PM

    OMG- that is so funny & way cool! I especially love the "mutant goldfish" observation.

  2. That's hilarious!!