Thursday, December 07, 2006

Bargains at Annie's Annuals

Just a reminder... to myself and others... that we only have until December 31 to get the 15% discount on plants at Annie's Annuals. We're nearing the end of the northern California prime planting season, but heck, I've seen plants go in the ground in January and not even blink. What? Plants don't have eyes? Oh, you sticklers...

The plain truth is that nurseries have a hard time selling non-blooming plants and right now not a lot's blooming. As long as you know what you're looking for-- or are in the mood for some surprises-- and the plant looks healthy, you can find great nursery bargains. Fall-planted trees, perennials, shrubs and cool-season annuals get an excellent head start, mostly in the form of crucial root growth, compared to those planted in Spring.

Bay Areans, you can just plant and plant and plant whenever you feel like it because you live in the land of perpetual springtime. Am I jealous? No way, Jose. Picture a San Franciscan kneeling in his garden, humming a techno-folksy tune while planting pansies and then boom, The Big One. Pansies flying, the ground undulating and perhaps opening up. Nah, Valley winters are ok by me. Valley living is ok by me. Makes me feel grounded. Literally.

I do want to make a mad dash to Annie's soon, though.

If you order online, note the following disclaimer: * Discount applied at checkout to new orders only. Does not include shipping.

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