Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Looking for custom seed packets

Anyone found a good online company selling custom seed packets where you upload your own photo and graphics? The ones I've found so far have high set-up costs and/or high minimum orders.

There has to be at least one company catering to home gardeners who want to share their seeds in a cute commercial-looking packet...

Here are a few top results from Google:

American Meadows
Earl May

Alternatively, does anyone have a nifty recipe for hand-designed seed packets using little blank envelopes/packets? Thanks.


  1. I would suggest gently opening all the seams of a commercial packet and making your own template. I've done that before for custom envelopes/packages (I used rubber stamp art not photos, though).You could scan the template in and add your graphics/copy before printing? Not sure if there is a program that would support both a scan and photos though...I'm not that technically talented ;)Good luck, this sounds like a fantastic personalized gift idea...Denise's Daisies, Cindy's Cilantro, etc...

  2. Thanks for the suggestions. Looks like I may have to go the custom route like you suggested. I'm just not very crafty. I like the idea of adding my own graphics/copy. Maybe I can find an inkjet sticker or something so I can include a photo of the flowers/fruit along with text. We'll see if/when I actually get this done. Maybe if we get a lot of rain this winter.