Friday, May 18, 2007

Red orchid cactus

From a single passalong cutting (thanks, Cheryl and Cheryl's friend), came this obscenely beautiful epiphyllum. I don't know its species and/or cultivar name because it was given to me as "red orchid cactus". Who cares, though, right? It's just... wow.

Want to see how it looked last May, and want to see the Mother Plant? Click here. Mailorder sources for epis include:

Don's Epiphyllum World

Also check Ebay sellers.


  1. That red orchid cactus is very popular over here in south africa, but I can not help with a name. They come in many colors and in "double" flowers. I looked around in your blog at the photos. Excellent!

  2. Wow! At least I now know it's an epyphillum. Back on October 29th I posted about taking care of a friend's greenhouse and put up a photo of one of those flowers hoping someone could identify it, but no one did. Not even my friends when they came back from their trip.
    I was shocked by its beauty when I first saw it, and there was only one bloom - yours has so many,

  3. Wow! Are the blooms fragrant, too? How long did it take to bloom like that? (How mature did it have to be?)

  4. Lisa, the blooms are not fragrant. I think my plant is going on year 3. It grew quickly from one unrooted cutting and bloomed in year 2, I believe.

    This is a great passalong plant. If you have friends with epis, beg for a cutting. ;-)

    I'd love to try some new colors...

  5. I also have one of these fabulous red blooming orchids and was hoping someone out there had a name for it. I actually bought the original one at a nursery here in Newark, Ohio for a friend of mine 6 summers ago. He took cuttings off it the next summer and gave me one and now mine is huge and has bloomed every year since. I take it outside from May until
    Sept. and then inside with a fair amount of light. Fabulous. Still looking for a name though. Kate Hannum

  6. Anonymous8:54 AM

    I just purchased this same cactus at a local nursery in Texas. They call it the "Orchid Cactus Jeanie's Red"

  7. I just bought a red orchid cactus this afternoon with blooms that look like yours. The tag calls it Jeanie's Red. Like the previous poster, mine also came from a local Texas nursery - Boerne, TX to be exact.