Friday, November 02, 2007

Meet one of my new favorite plants-- Cuphea melvillea

Weeder gave me this Cigar Plant (Cuphea melvillea) for my birthday in July of '06. Look how well it's done in dappled sun next to the house. I love its tubular pinky yellow flowers and so do hummingbirds. I also love its height range of 4-6 ft. It's kinda floppy and not at all formal which just makes me love it even more. We're pretty sure it came from Windmill Nursery, but which grower? Annie's? Blooms? Proven Winners? Where's that damned plant tag?

January 16 edit: I now think this is C. micropetala.


  1. Angela I have not been here for ages!! Is there a new look to your blog!!
    Spice loves everything nice! Come see
    what my cats LoVe! Nice to come by again! :)NG

  2. Your cat made me smile. Thanks.

  3. Emily is QUITE a character. She rolls around on her back while I'm out front and constantly climbs on me when I'm kneeling in the garden. It's hard to get anything done when she's around because she demands attention.

    In that photo, I was trying to take a few pictures of my birthday gift. What does Emily do? She immediately jumps on the table and starts rubbing herself against my gift... as if to say, "You don't really want to be taking a picture of plants in a basket. You want to be petting ME instead."

    She's very needy. And kneady (and yes, her claws are sharp when she kneads your flesh).