Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Thought I'd pass this along...

You are receiving this because you signed the online petition at

Dear Friend of the Cow Palace,

Great news!

The Senate Agricultural Committee today (4/15/08) voted to "approve" SB 1527
with amendments that protect the Cow Palace and most of it's parking lots,
and allow the potential sale of ONLY the 13 acres that the Cow Palace Board
has been working to lease to Daly City from the beginning!

In other words, the Cow Palace is saved and the Senate will continue to work
on lease or sale of 13 acres of the Cow Palace parking lot for a retail

You, along with thousands of others, made your voice heard.
You helped save the Cow Palace! All 5 Senators were delivered a BOUND copy
of all 2,800 signatures (and your comments!) received by

Thank you for signing the petition and for everything you did to help!

So, we can breathe a sigh of relief and perhaps write letters of thanks to
the 5 Agriculture committee members, but this is not the end of the issue

The amended bill has now moved to the Government Organizational Committee.
If the language is not amended again to require a lease of the 13 acres
instead of an outright sale, the Cow Palace will not have enough money over
time to pay for needed upgrades to it's facility and operations.

We will keep you posted and let you know if there is anything else you can
do once we have seen the actual amendment language.

In the meanwhile, say "Yeeee-Haaaaa".

We will continue to communicate about ways to assure a bright future for OUR
Cow Palace.

Spread the word! If your friends that you tell the good news have signed
the online petition too, they will automatically receive updates as a
"Friend of the Cow Palace".

If they have not signed the petition, please tell them to do so! It will
stay up for a while and will put them on the email list for the ongoing
"Friends of the Cow Palace"!

Thank you again for everything you did to help!



Kevin Patterson
Friends of the Cow Palace
(formerly the Coalition to Save the Cow Palace)


  1. I'm happy it's saved, though I'm not entirely sure what it is. :)

  2. Having now visited the Cow Palace myself, I wonder why saving it is important. It is not memorable in any architectural sense. On the other hand it has been the venue for memorable and historic events and as near as I can see still serves its intended purpose, so why tear it down. I assume that the good folks in Daley City were hoping to redevelop with some greater revenue producing structures.

  3. Ralph,

    The Cow Palace, once bulldozed, would have been sold to private developers, thus ensuring a similar venue wouldn't be built. I personally didn't like the picture of more houses, apartments, office complexes and shopping centers in its place.

    Rock concerts, dog shows, The San Francisco Flower & Garden Show, and agricultural events paint a much prettier picture in my mind.

    As architecturally signifigant structures go, the Cow Palace may not be grand like, say, Buckingham Palace... but that's not why people love it. People love it because it IS memorable and historic. And nostalgic for old softies like me.

    We who have been visiting it for decades like that it's funky. We like that it's simple. We like that it holds not just events, but memories. And we love its name. ;-)

  4. No argument from me.