Friday, January 30, 2009

Make it stop...

Amy at Garden Rant just posted about an article in the Seattle times announcing the demise of the San Francisco/Pacific Northwest Flower & Garden Shows. What's next, Sunset Magazine? My local Starbuck's? My neighborhood Border's? Whole Foods? Raley's? My little library? My son's school?

Top story in my local paper today is the lovely "Official: Sacramento could ax 500 city jobs to close deficit". What's in your paper today?

This is getting ridiculous. Gotta remember to breathe and to keep up the yoga practice. Forget Victory Gardens... I think we're heading toward Subsistence Gardens. Survival Gardens? Are we gonna have to eat our pets? Oh, man, and they're so cute! They're my babies! Wait... am I going to have to eat my child? My only child?!

Think vegetarian thoughts, Angela. Ask yourself, "What would Alice Waters do?". She would plant something obscure and complete-protein like quinoa. In her front yard. Oh, my neighbors are gonna love that. But maybe they don't care about that kind of nonsense anymore. Maybe they, too, are starting to "rethink the front lawn" in a way they never could have imagined would be necessary.

Interesting times we live in. Deep breath. More coffee... which I will grow myself if I have to. OK, so maybe that horticulture degree isn't as worthless as I thought. I think I can probably teach myself to make elderberry wine too, if necessary. If only I had some elderberries.

Wait, I can barter. That's what scrappy survivors like us do. I'll give you a dozen lemons for a basket of elderberries. These lemons will keep you from getting scurvy, you see. You need them. And I... well, I could use a nice, relaxing glass of elderberry wine. After 5:00, of course.


  1. I have eggs, and if things get much worse, I will defy my landlord and begin converting his precious lawn to a fertile veggie bed!
    Be brave.

  2. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Right there with ya sister! Everyone take a deep breath and breathe out Namaste! My husband has been telling me for years that my being a degreed horticulturist is going to pay off big at some point (he's a 911 conspiracy guy that's been waiting for the collapse of the dollar and U.S. economy for some time I run a garden center and the demand for anything vegetable garden has gone through the roof. I've built a new veggie demonstration garden and added tons of classes. It's the way things are going...I grow lots of vegges and YES, will be putting new veggie beds in the FRONT yard this year...Plant some extra tomatoes this year and see if you can hold off eating your child for just a little longer. Unfortunately, all I have is a chihuahua - I don't think she'd make much of a meal...

  3. I'm totally not interested in having a Depression right now. Bring back the bubbles! I mean bubbly.

  4. I have no pets or children to eat, so I'll have to fall back on my horticulture degree as well and grow more food. On the positive side, when my neighbors all decide they want to grow vegetables this spring, I bet I become pretty popular in the neighborhood as the one has done it before and can help them get started. Maybe I can convince them that we should become the first organic subdivision in the state!

    I'm going to have to count on at least one Starbucks staying open near me, as I can't go too long without their iced green tea.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  5. First I would eat the kids, then the pets.
    Pets don't talk back.

    I have lettuce,various herbs, spinach, and kale to barter with.

    I'm with you, " Make It Stop ! "
    It's like the black plague and no one is immune to it.

    Glad to read a little humor amongst all this doom and gloom.
    And it sure is gloomy down here.

  6. Doom and gloom for now. But I think of it as opportunity. It got way too bloated and crazy. As bad is it is now, some really good things will come of this craziness. Local is making a comeback, growing some of your own food isn't a bad thing, lawns no longer the standard (they are a pain in the rear to care for anyways and they are not good for the environment) - its gonna get better again, it will just be different, in many respects in good ways. It will be tough, yes, but in a few years, a different type of "good times" will be back.


  7. I think it's more likely my pets will eat me.

  8. Definitely, lawns disappearing should help with the water situation...there are rainwater cachement systems which individuals can make for themselves (instructions on the web).

    Perhaps the silver lining is bartering...Certainly, there's a book in this for someone about growing your own food.

  9. Anonymous4:45 PM

    I was having a blog writers' block when I decided to spend some time visiting other blogs for inspiration. I came upon Garden Bliss and was relieved to see that someone is writing about the hard stuff in our times. It's good we have the happy stuff to take us away and it does bring in light to an otherwise dark time, but sometimes I need more than that. Thanks for your honest post!

  10. Natalie,

    You have eggs and you rent? Wow, your landlord lets you have chickens? Ooh, how about front yard chicken coops?!!!


    All I have are 2 rat terrier/chihuahuas. I'd better start fattening 'em up.


    I apologize for my brief relapse into reality. Pop some more bubbly and rent The Duchess and call me in the morning. Doctor's Orders.


    Wow, a lot of us seem to have majored in horticulture. We should have majored in agriculture, but at least we'll have the PRETTIEST veggies on the block. ;-)

    Michelle (Deviant Deziner),

    You make a very good point about teenagers. I just asked mine to help me do some weeding this weekend. In a completely offended tone (Xbox controller in hand, tush comfortably planted on the sofa), he replied, "Ugh. Maybe...". Which in TeenSpeak means, "In your dreams, Mom."

    Mad Man,

    Thanks for putting a positive spin on all this.


    You make a very good point about pets! Mine chew on me and lick me already, and I mistook that as playful affection!


    You're right... there is a book in there. The time is ripe for starting a neighborhood veggie/eggs/craft/home-crafted food & drink swap. And then writing a book about it. ;-)


    You're welcome for the honesty. I think it's important to acknowledge that life ain't all roses, even if you're a gardener. That doesn't mean it isn't also, at times, a bowl of cherries; Because it is, especially for gardeners.