Tuesday, January 23, 2007

EcoForms Biodegradable Pots

A friend and I saw... and fondled... these gorgeous new biodegradable EcoForms pots at Emigh Hardware the other day. They're really cool and I'm going to get some. They're made from rice hulls!

Check out their FAQ's.

How long will EcoForms™ last?

Under normal conditions, an EcoForms™ pot will last five years.

What are EcoForms™ made of?

Grain husks (primarily rice hulls) and natural binding agents (a combination of starch based, water soluble binders and biodegradable additives).

Can I plant EcoForms™ in the ground?

No, EcoForms™ are meant to be used and reused above ground only. They will degrade in the landfill.

What colors do they come in?

We currently list 6 colors: Natural, Avocado, Harvest, Sand, Mocha and Ebony.

Can they handle freezing conditions?

Yes, EcoForms™ show no damage when exposed to freezing or thawing conditions.

Are EcoForms™ organic?

Although they are not certified organic, they are ideal for organic production. They contain non-polluting, earth-friendly ingredients.

Where can I buy them?

Call John Hoffman at (530) 320-6829 or Sweetwater Nursery at (707) 566-8133. You may also send e-mail to sales@ecoforms.com.

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