Saturday, March 24, 2007

2007 San Francisco Flower & Garden Show

Here are a few snippets from this year's show. The standouts for me were the really fabulous succulents, bromeliads, orchids and grasses. I managed to exercise self-restraint and only walked away with three 4" plants from the Annie's Annuals booth.

Missed the seminars and was especially bummed that I missed Amy Stewart... again. Also bummed to have missed Keeyla Meadows and Annie of Annie's Annuals.

Welcome to the Cow Palace, where the lighting is famously ghastly, yet the bathrooms are sparkling clean.


If you have a weakness for summer bulbs like lilies, dahlias, callas and more... you'll be a quivering mess when you enter the Plant Market.

More orchids!

Proven Bromeliads for Bay Area Gardens by the Bromeliad Society of San Francisco, featured super cool bromeliads and took home a Gold Medal. Congrats.

Flower lights

American Institute of Floral Design
Eye Candy – Crystal Award


Greenlee Nursery and partners

The Metropolitan Meadow: Driving Towards a Solution –
Gold Award,
American Horticultural Society Environmental Award,
Garden Designers’ Award

I was impressed with how well this garden re-created a grassy meadow feel. It had a natural, ever-so-slightly haphazard look that made it look like undesigned design.

Oh, and in case you didn't notice, there's a giant red car plopped in the middle of the garden.

"Under the Sea"
by Organic Mechanics

Fabulous plants, but you ain't gettin' me in that shell chair. Ouch! Congrats on winning Best of Show!

Old World – New World - Crystal Award
Would you like a martini next to a copper fountain while sitting on a tractor seat?

Or would you prefer red wine out of a jar? I'm a wine out of a jar kind of gal... Add some nice cheeses, cool music and it's a party!

Very striking. Conceptual gardens normally bug me, but I really like this one.


  1. Wanderful pics Angela,esp the Orchids!I would be proud to walk out with only four four inch plants from any garden show.I have just planted three bletilla bulbs so i hope they grow.The poodle was mad, and the pink car.Its all fun though.Do they award prizes at the show like in the RHS flower/garden shows here in the UK?

  2. Hey, Snappy!

    They do award prizes, but it was so crowded and dark, I wasn't able to see who won what.

    The show is held at the Cow Palace, and let me tell you... I felt like mooing a few times when we were slowly making our way through the herd, er, uh, crowd.

    Good luck with your Bletillas! Bletillas, a.k.a. Chinese ground orchids, are one of my favorite plants. This terrestrial orchid is hardy outdoors here and I'm very excited to see my new yellow ones bloom. I have the classic magenta B. striata, white (B. alba) and a couple yellow cultivars I ordered from Thimble Farms in Canada. Last year I only got foliage from the yellow ones. Fingers crossed for flowers this year. The pink/magenta ones are spiking right now.

  3. Anonymous11:08 PM

    "lighting famously ghastly" - probably the best description I've read ;)
    And so WHAT 3 plants did you come home with - and congratulations for using remarkable restraint.
    Still wondering where the heck I'm going to put those Asiatic lillies...
    Stop and get coffee at Grapes & Grounds in Cloverdale on your way to Mendo (right on the plaza). Be sure to ooh and ahh over my containers out front.

  4. Cool, we can both go gaga over Bletillas.I hope yours grow.Mine are just putting up green stems slowly...too slowly lol.Will wait for your photos...