Thursday, June 28, 2007

Gold Rush Zucchini

June 10... planted late, in the ground, the lazy way (from starts)

June 27

June 28... bigger in one day!

I should be harvesting in a few days! I fantasize about grilling these on a gas grill someday. Just thinking about getting the charcoal grill going makes me want to lie down on the sofa and have Chinese food delivered instead. Perhaps that's my camping phobia kicking in... camping phobia induced by camping trauma, if you must know.

I brought some Gold Rush zukes to a family barbecue last year and my culinary academy-trained brother sliced them lengthwise, basted them with a garlic, olive oil, balsamic, salt and cracked pepper concoction and slapped them unceremoniously on my aunt's big, beautiful gas grill. They turned out gorgeously grill-marked and delicious. It would never even have occurred to me to slice them lengthwise, so I suppose brothers are good for something. Who knew?

I also stuck two plants in a half-barrel for the heck of it.

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