Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Are you a tomato head?

Many people are ending up on my blog lately via a quest for salsa and other delicious solutions for too many tomatoes, so I thought I'd link to this timely Sacramento Bee article by Gwen Schoen -- Bee Food Writer.

"It's tomato time-- Everywhere you look, slices of heaven fresh from the vine"

Tomato tasting events are rapidly approaching. Check out a few on my Sacramento Gardening Events Calendar. Some of these events will offer salsa workshops, heirloom tomato seeds, canning demos, cooking demos, recipe contests, and more.

Don't forget about the big Tomato Challenge at Raley's, Saturday, September 9. There's a $5,000 1st prize! Imagine how many presents you could buy me for $5,000...


  1. Angela,

    Are you planning on entering the Raley's Tomato Challenge? If so what variety(ies) are you submitting?

  2. I'm not planning on entering. Even though I'm not a paid journalist, I'd feel a little funny entering since I am somewhat known as a "citizen journalist"... I get invited to judge things like this from time to time because of my Hort. degree and web presence... so... no. ;-)

    Are you entering? The prize is HUGE!