Saturday, August 26, 2006

Grab a Gravenstein... while you can (S.F. Chron)

High season for heirloom apples, pears
Sophia Markoulakis, Special to The Chronicle
Saturday, August 26, 2006

Note: While fruit tasting is in full swing, remember that if you intend to plant any of these delicious deciduous tree fruit varieties this winter, the Dave Wilson Nursery special orders deadline is November 16.

"There is no minimum total order, but customers whose special orders total less than 25 trees as of the deadline will be charged $25.00 for handling."


  1. Angela,

    The Chronicle article says that Wegman’s Nursery in Redwood City is offering pre-booking of fruit trees. If you don’t want to drive the 100 miles to Redwood City you can contact the Golden Gecko in Garden Valley for the same offer, except we don’t charge a $25 dollar handling fee for ordering under 25 trees, and if you order before October 31st you receive a 10% early bird discount!

  2. Hi Trey,

    Actually, the special order handling fee was for ordering from Dave Wilson Nursery. They have a program where you can order any tree(s) you want and then pick them up at a nursery near you. I wanted to do this last year but missed the deadline. I don't remember there being a handling fee before, but maybe I just missed it. Quite possible. For folks on a quest for a particular variety, this is a great option. DWN lists varieties carried by local nurseries (i.e. Capital, etc.), but you'll notice that not all nurseries carry the same varieties and no nursery sells as many varieties as DWN. It's HUGE! They also discuss flavor and chill requirements of each tree. Here in the Valley, we should look for varieties on the lower end of required # of min. chill hours. So, back to the overall concept... with this DWN program, you're shopping through both DWN... AND your local nursery.