Wednesday, January 10, 2007

City of Sacramento Front Yard Landscaping Code Meeting

I don't live in Sacramento city proper, but used to, have friends and family who do, and very much want to help preserve their right to grow whatever plants they please, be they edible or ornamental.

A friend just forwarded this:

"... the issue regarding possible changes tothe City of Sacramento's code language regarding front yard landscaping andthe possibility of growing fruits and vegetables is going in front of the Planning Commission tomorrow, Thursday, January 11. The meeting will be inthe Old/Historic City Hall (915 I Street), second floor and starts at 5:30, however the issue will be heard toward the end of the agenda, so we don'texpect it to be heard before 6:00. We really need as much support as we can- and public input at the meeting as possible - so please pass on this information and let as many people know as possible about the meeting."

Show up tomorrow to demonstrate your support for edible, ornamental front yard gardens!

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