Wednesday, January 17, 2007

NEW River-Friendly Landscape Guidelines Book

There's an excellent new guide available from the Sacramento Stormwater Quality Partnership teaching river-friendly landscape practices. River-Friendly Landscape Guidelines goes beyond urging water efficiency by incorporating the following objectives:

Landscaping in harmony with the natural conditions of the Sacramento River watershed.

-- Reducing waste and recycling materials.
-- Nurturing healthy soils while reducing fertilizer use.
-- Conserving water, energy and topsoil.
-- Using integrated pest management to minimize chemical use.
-- Reducing stormwater runoff.
-- Creating wildlife habitat.

The guide includes river-friendly checklists, plant lists, photos, diagrams, quotes from local environmental and landscape leaders, and a wealth of printed and online resources. There's even a guide for hiring a river-friendly landscaper. Don't be dissuaded by the "... for the Landscape Professional" part of the title. If you do your own landscaping and landscape maintenance, this guide's for you. If you don't... make sure your landscaper has a copy or visits the website.

If you want your garden to become a healthy refuge for people and wildlife while reducing waste and eliminating pollutants, River-Friendly Landscape Guidelines will show you the steps you need to take.

Click HERE to order your free copy of River-Friendly Landscape Guidelines and Choosing a Landscape Professional.


  1. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Thanks for the tip! I just requested a copy :)

  2. I got a copy of this about a year ago (maybe this is a new edition?) and had to fight to get it. We rent, so when I requested a copy, the county office phone me up and grilled me before agreeing to send me a copy. I put it down to the second-class citizenship of tenants in Sacramento, but would encourage other tenants who garden to enforce their rights to a copy of this book as well. And yes, it really is useful!