Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

In the garden...

-- I vow to stop leaving clippings all over the damn place. For someone who owns every garden receptacle known to man, I sure have a nasty habit of dropping clippings wherever wind and gravity take them.

Maybe these new Garden Pop-Up Bags
icon from Gardener's Supply will inspire me. God, they're cute. Won't they look purty surrounded by clippings?


-- I vow to find a 'Lime Rickey' Heuchera and buy it. When I held a pricey 1-gallon specimen in my hot little hands several months ago but put it down hoping to find it cheaper elsewhere, I had no idea the plant would be so elusive. You're worth it, Rickey... Rick... my darling.

(Photo from Terra Nova Nurseries website)

I vow to visit at least two California nurseries and two California public gardens I've never seen in person. Maybe one of each in So Cal and Nor Cal. Suggestions?

-- I vow to try growing one new squash variety.

-- I vow to maybe not plant so many tomatoes. I mean really. C'mon, Angela.

-- I vow to think about joining a 12-step program for garden tool abusers.

-- I vow to cook from the garden more. Salsa was a snap. Pesto is from the gods. Yep, more culinary creations from the garden.

In general...

I vow to eat right and exercise, of course.

-- I vow to find beauty wherever I can.

-- I vow to keep a much closer eye on my new camera equipment (ahem) and to take a gazillion pictures.

-- I vow to pay it forward in little ways whenever I can.

-- I vow to enjoy the journey, the moment, go for the gusto, and seize the day. Tick tock!


  1. The garden pop-up bags are wonderful looking... you'll be the envy of all dropping all your cuttings around those?

    And what garden tools are you abusing?

  2. Carol, I abuse all my tools. I can be pretty ADD in the garden and will leave my Felco pruners nestled in a plant somewhere, my shovel propped up against the fence after planting a group of plants, etc. Oh, and sometimes I'll use inside "tools" like spoons, knives and scissors. They become garden decoration. All my poor tools have to put up with more moisture and dirt than they're supposed to. Still, it's interesting to note just how tough tools can be, and how they still work ok even with a little gunk and rust on them.

    I am trying to overcome my wicked ways, though. New Year's is when we're supposed to acknowledge that... right? ;-)

  3. I recommend Sherman Library and Gardens in Corona Del Mar?