Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Real Dirt on Farmer John

This documentary has been in my Netflix queue forever... so long, in fact, that I decided to Google the title to find out if I could buy the DVD. Doesn't look like it... yet. What I did discover, however, is that The Real Dirt on Farmer John will be screened at The Crest on July 27, 2007. Woo hoo! Mark your calendars!

See where else it's screening nationwide and check out the rave reviews.

Theatrical Trailer

June 20 edit: Looks like The Real Dirt on Farmer John will be premiering on the PBS Show, Independent Lens.
Also, here's a link to an interview with "Farmer John" Peterson on Fresh Air with Terry Gross.


  1. I'm so glad you posted this! I've had this in my Netflix queue as well. I can't believe they won't be showing it somewhere in the Bay Area--I may have to venture up to Sacto to see it. Ooh. Sacto in July. I hope they have a midnight showing in an air-conditioned theatre.

  2. Hi Claire,

    This movie must be screening in the Bay Area... I'm just going by the current schedule I saw on their website. I would e-mail them ASAP.

    If, for some bizarre reason, it's not playing there, the Crest is air-conditioned. Summer air conditioning is sort of a given around here. ;-)