Monday, June 11, 2007

Using Coco Peat bricks in the worm bin

Hey, I didn't notice before that these "coco peat" bricks were packaged by Down to Earth Distributors, the same company that puts out my Bio-Fish fertilizer.

Watching your coco peat brick expand is fun. It'd be even more fun if they put a prize inside.

Whoa, there it goes!

Like magic, the brick has transformed within mere minutes into a large volume of moist, crumbly coir.

A couple months ago, I added the biodegradable liner bags from my kitchen compost crock to the bin to see if they'd break down quickly. Nope.

After side-dressing my tomato, pepper and basil plants with the finished compost from one layer of my Can-O-Worms, I added the coir pictured above to the now-empty layer, along with some past-their-prime veggies from the fridge. My veggie plants also got a dose of Bio-Fish and liquid Kelp fertilizer. That should give them some added vigor!

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