Tuesday, March 18, 2008

2008 SF Flower & Garden Show

Another great annual return to the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show! Came home with two new orchids... the very ones I wanted to buy last year but didn't! Ah, orchid closure. Well, almost. There was a peachy, pinky cousin of these two that I had to leave behind until next year.

Masdevallia (veitchiana 'Pacific Giant' x 'veitchiana 'Bolin')

Masdevallia (Pixie Lavender 'Fine' x FalconSunrise 'Scarlet')

Of the display gardens at this year's show, the Zen Spa Garden was the most impressive (to me). Not only was it a welcome drop of Zen in a sea of Cow Palace excitement, but unlike many show gardens, this is one you would actually install in a real backyard here on planet Earth. Derviss + Chavez did a fabulous job and it was really interesting watching the project's progress on Derviss' blog.

The crowds weren't tooooooooooo bad for a Friday, but I still made a mental note to save the display gardens for last next year. There's nothing more frustrating than visiting an an exhibit that can only be glimpsed through a wall of people. Yes, Monterey Bay Aquarium, I'm talking about you too. Oh, to be able to vaporize peop... um... nevermind.

My new plan of attack will be to hit the vendors/seminars for a bit upon arrival, then have lunch, then hit the vendors/seminars some more, and finally... enjoy the gardens at a leisurely pace once the crowds begin to wane. Perhaps it'll be best to take a break for chocolate and coffee as well.

I always end up with sensory overload at the end of my Show visit, but it's a good kind of sensory overload... the kind that later inspires new touches in my own garden. And new orchids on my kitchen windowsill.

SLIDESHOW: Click slideshow below to launch.

VIDEO SLIDESHOW-- stills and a couple video clips to music (takes awhile to download)

Watch the video

Music: Demolition Man by The Police

It's hard to believe the Cow Palace might be torn down soon. For whatever it's worth, you can go to SaveTheCowPalace.com and sign the online petition. I did.


  1. Anonymous11:34 PM

    What a delight, to experience that lovely, inspiring event from a distance! Your photography is so wonderful. Many frames could be printed and, well, framed for display. It took a while for my computer to download (or whatever they call it) the video, but I'm glad I was patient. I feel like I did a bit of time traveling! Plus, I now have a deeper appreciation of the beauty of succulents.

    Thank you for sharing that with us Angela.

    Garden Gran

  2. I'm glad you were able to view the video, Garden Gran! I hope you pop back on and check out the slideshow, pics and additional comments I just added.

    Taking pictures inside the Cow Palace is a dark art... I'm just pleased that some turned out OK enough to share.

  3. Angela - thanks once again for leaving a comment at my Garden Wise Guy blog. I enjoyed this post regarding the SF show, and especially your choice of music. I'm a big Police fan. In fact, my band just learned Da Doo Doo Doo - love the drum part.

    I was poring through your profile and LOVE seeing Waking Ned Divine on your list. One of my all-time faves. Now I've got to rent in and take a refresher.

    Thanks, from Santa Barbara CA

  4. Garden Wise Guy,

    Glad you enjoyed the post and the choice of music. I chose The Police because I saw them at the Cow Palace in the early 80's when I was a junior or senior in high school. Time flies, huh?

    Very cool that you play their music! I'd be in heaven if I could get my son to start playing some Police songs; he plays electric guitar. I'm sure he will discover Andy Summers at some point. Right now he's on a Stevie Ray Vaughan/Eddie Van Halen kick. Nothing wrong with that! I could listen to Stevie forever...

    I rarely re-watch movies, but Waking Ned Devine is one of the special few. Funny, I was just thinking the other day that I'd like to see it again soon. Probably because I saw Death at a Funeral.