Thursday, March 27, 2008

Snippets of Spring

My first plum crop on my "Backyard Orchard Culture"... um... orchard. Tastings to follow, I hope. I planted three varieties 18 inches apart and each tree has lots of little plums. Fingers crossed!

Edible violas in my window box


Nasturtiums abound...

'Rainbow' Swiss chard is being enjoyed stir-fried by me, and raw by my little friend.


  1. Wow, Angela...gorgeous flowers and a baby plum! My plums are still pretty much invisible to the naked eye...hopefully they'll be showing soon!

  2. Wow, your nasturtiums are doing really well! Funny that you and Leslie both posted a very similar post today...

    What's the bug eating the chard?

  3. Ah, got to love those nasturtiums. My German neighbor has a very English garden and she uses chairs as planters like you do, its a really neat effect. Thansk for sharing the photos.


  4. I love Nasturtiums. Mine did real well last summer. First time I tried growing them. Once the plum tree is producing you will have enough to feed the whole neighborhood and then some! (-:

  5. That's a gorgeous color freesia. I've never seen one in that shade of pink. Now I'm jealous!

  6. Your flowers are beautiful -- and I'm so jealous. It's still drab and gray (especially today, with lots of rain) here in the Midwest. But someday, soon, the sun will be shining again -- I can’t wait to start on my gardening.