Monday, August 09, 2004

The mow strips are in!

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There were a few unexpected glitches, the worst part being that they occurred before I was properly caffeinated, but in the end everything went well! The mow strips are curing (it was hot today, so we had to mist them a bit) and most of the irrigation is in. I like the color of the mow strip... "Flagstone Brown." Yay! The pool decking is "San Diego Buff", which you can see on the same page as the "flagstone brown" link. We're probably going to have the pool decking sealed, which will restore some of the richness and darkness of the San Diego Buff.

The mow strips were the most critical aspect of the job because nothing else is "set in concrete." The flagstone sitting area will be in d.g. and edged with Epic Bender Board, so we can scoot things in here and there. The veggie beds (2 @ 4 ft. by 10 ft.) will also be edged in Epic.


  1. Anonymous8:26 PM

    I know I'm not the only one in the world who may not know, but what is a mow strip? Also, I am enjoying watching your yard develop in photo's on this site. I like the colors of your shaded patio area. Are you planning to put in a bird bath? And how about garden art? I guess those things come later, but looking forward to seeing your project unfold.

    Your fan, Gloria

  2. A mow strip is any kind of edging that separates lawn grass from flowerbeds for the sake of easy mowing. It provides a level surface for the outside mower wheel to rest on. You can create a nice mow strip with brick or stone, but nowadays it's often formed from extruded concrete.

    As for a birdbath and art, YES and YES!!! I haven't purchased (or created... yikes) any art yet but have been thinking a lot lately about ceramic garden totems and totems made from salvaged materials (vases, teapots, light fixtures, etc.).

    I did recently buy a birdbath and gazing ball. The birdbath is COBALT BLUE, ceramic and from Smith & Hawken. The gazing ball is stainless steel and the color is "Mystic", which is a kind of iridescent greeny, bluey, purpley, silvery BEAUTIFUL color. You can see yourself and your surroundings reflected in the ball as if looking through a fisheye lens.

    Right now, everything still looks pretty brown and concret-ey, so I can't wait to introduce green leaves and COLORful flowers and garden accessories. The house style is "modern mediterranean suburban" and my tastes are a bit funkier, so it'll be fun to inject a little personality into the space. Art is a must!