Monday, August 02, 2004

Will Somebody Pinch Me?

Things are actually running ahead of schedule. Clearing and cleanup begin on Thursday of this week! My job is to water the back so the soil is more workable and to dig up the sad little citrus trees and rose bushes I planted in desperation, before the irrigation went in. My tomatoes are in half-barrels this year, so they're safe.

One thing I've been going back-and-forth on is lawn edging. Landscape companies like to use extruded concrete mow strips because they're fast, easy and economical. There's hi-lo, flat and wedge-shaped. I'd prefer a more natural edging material, like cobble or brick, but have to admit that a hi-lo mow strip is pretty practical. The low side provides a nice level footing for mower wheels and the high side helps hold in bark and mounded soil. Still, I know I'll never get that timeless garden look with a visible extruded concrete mow strip. Since budget is an issue, it's really hard to ignore the extruded strip's practicality.

The manager on the job made a suggestion that helped me to feel more ok about the mow strip-- we'll tint it a natural brown or tan color. It's easy enough for them to add color and it'll only add about $50. I appreciated his suggestion.

He's also going to show me some samples of recycled rubber mulch (which also comes in different colors) as an alternative to playground bark under our son's play structure. My son wanted sand, so I had to provide him with the image of his play area being used as a giant kitty litter box. With that image, he's less opposed to bark. The rubber stuff might be best.

Re: flagstone

We're going with flagstone in d.g. (decomposed granite) for a smallish sitting area featuring an oval teak table (from Costco, btw). The pieces are to be large and with narrow spaces between the flagstone pieces. In another area of the yard, 4' x 10' (probably) vegetable beds will be surrounded by crushed rock in a similar color (peachy/purpley/buff tones).

More later...


  1. Anonymous12:51 PM

    A sand box might turn into a kitty litter box...but don't underestimate their love for woodchips either.

  2. Good point... We'll see how it goes.